'Lest we forget' as a symbol of commemoration in Australia Borrowed from a line in a well-known poem written in the 19th century, the phrase 'lest we forget' means 'it should not be forgotten'. 'Lest we forget' as a symbol of commemoration in Australia

While Australians celebrated and rejoiced with relief at the Japanese surrender on the 2nd of September 1945, Australia’s involvement with the Second World War was not yet concluded. The British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan following the end of the war, and Australia’s involvement with this force, is probably one of the most misunderstood and forgotten periods of Australian service overseas.

Between the end of the war in September 1945 and April 1952 about 16,000 Australians served in Japan in several roles from dismantling military equipment, preventing smuggling, “general surveillance” of the population and even acting as election observers
By January 1946, the forces of the British Commonwealth countries who had personnel stationed in Japan were formally organised as the British Commonwealth Occupation Force consisting of 45,000, from Britain, India, New Zealand, and Australia. Contrary to the name, throughout the period of occupation, the majority of this force was always Australian. The BCOF area of responsibility in Japan was designated as the western prefectures of Shimani, Yamaguchi, Tottori, Okayama, Hiroshima, and Shikoku Island. BCOF headquarters were located at Kure, not far from the ruins of Hiroshima, the army was encamped at Hiro, the Royal Australian Air Force at Iwakuni, and the naval shore establishment at the former Japanese naval base at Kure. At the peak of its involvement the Australian component of BCOF was responsible for over twenty million Japanese citizens and 57,000 square kilometres of country.

Relics, Historical Building and Places in Melbourne and Vicinity Suburban, Victoria,Australia

Kure, Japan. 1947-12-07. BCOF personnel waiting the arrival of the Japanese Emperor Hirohito, who was visiting the area for the first time in twenty two years. AWM 145191, picture source

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